The Service

I already have Christmas lights that I LOVE. Can you just install those?

We hear ya, but unfortunately no. We’re all about providing you with quality lighting and ultimate convenience during the holidays. To do that, we need professional lighting that will hold up to snow, rain and wind while maintaining their luminosity. Since we use our own lights, we offer you a service guarantee, which means if there’s ever a problem with your concept, we’ll come back to fix it.

Can I rent your lights and install them myself?

No, our lights must be installed by a licensed professional.

I have so many ideas! Can I create my own concept?

Of course! We’ll show you some of our pre-designed concepts and popular layouts, but you can always personalize a design to create your very own festive fairytale. We’ll show you all the different types of lights we offer and based on your selection, we’ll let you know if they’re available that very season.

When will you install my light concept?

Our installation period starts as early as the first week of November and can last right up to the week before Christmas if you need it to! We’ll schedule an installation date during your initial design consultation based on your preference, availability as well as municipal guidelines.

How long is my light concept up before you come back to disassemble it?

Your light concept is up for the entire holiday season! Some like to remove their Christmas lights immediately after the New Year and some like to keep them up for a little longer. Mid-February, however, is generally our take-down deadline. Keep in mind that some municipalities have set dates for Christmas light take-down, so it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with your municipality’s regulations.

Do I have to call you to come take my lights down?

Nope! We’ll set a date for take-down during your design consultation.

The Lights

Are your lights available in different colours?

All of our lights are available in varying shades of white to create a whimsical holiday light display that elegantly brings out the beauty of your home and landscaping. We also offer a selection of multi-coloured lights if you wish to add a pop of colour to your concept.

Are your lights energy efficient?

Absolutely. When compared with convention LED lights, our MK Illumination LED lights use less power, show a minimal loss of luminosity and have a longer service life.

Are your lights safe?

Absolutely! Our MK Illumination LED lights and QuickFix® installation system have been subjected to independent lab testing and comply with all CSA safety standards. Our lights and installation system are even waterproof and heat-resistant. We guarantee professional, safe lighting for you and your family to enjoy during the holidays.

The Cost

How do you determine your prices?

We calculate our prices according to linear feet and the specific lights and design you choose. For instance, you may choose contour lighting for your windows or a full drape light. You can also choose to wrap just the trunks of your trees or add in the major branches. During your design consultation, we’ll go over different designs that fit within your budget.

How do your 2 and 3-year packages work? What’s the advantage, exactly?

A beautifully lit up home for 3 holiday seasons in a row for starters! If you choose a 2 or 3-year package, we’ll design both or all 3 concepts during your initial consultation. You can either choose to have the same designs for all years or mix it up! If you select a 2-year package, you save 5% of the cost of your light concept each year and 10% if you select 3 years. For recurring customers, our packages offer a cost-effective way to illuminate your home for the holidays.


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